Thursday, August 16, 2012

Japan Mini Velo 2012 trend (Part I)

Here is the second post specific to japan market only Mini Velo.
These are getting a lot of attention abroad recently.

A quick reminder of what is a Mini Velo category bike.
To sum it simply, it is a 20" wheels sized diamond frame style bicycle.
It is an adult bicycle designed with 20" wheels.

(Diamond frames refer to the frame shape featuring 2 triangle, hope this helps to understand)

Ok, back to Mini Velo Show!
The range of Mini Velo available in 2012 have grown up significantly in Japan.
More brands, more models, more exciting designs.


Kicking off with a recently popular cheap brand of bikes made in China and Taiwan under a japanese brand name: A.N.Design.

  Flat bar model
Drop bar model retail for 33,000 Japanese Yen.
Steel Frame
One size only frame 51cm
Available in 12 colors variation
weight 11kg

Bannard Cycles from Taiwan
Tange Special Steel frame Frame
One size only 46cm (Center-Center)
20 inches wheels (20x1-1/8) 
Japan Retail price 147,000 Japan Yen

Be All from Japan (same company as Louis Garneau Japan brand and Bonnet Noir - see below in this page) (All Made in Taiwan)

One size only frame: 41cm (Center-Top)
Aluminium 6061 Alloy frame
Chromoly suspension fork
Wheel size 20x1-1/8
Weight 12.2kg (11speed Alfine model)
Japan Retail Price 136,000 Japan Yen
(3 models are available)

Bianchi (Although it is a famous italian brand, Mini velo are the original deisng of the Japan distributor, bikes are built in Taiwan)

 Many 20 inches mini velo in Bianchi range, based on 3 frames variations.

The popular MiniVelo Drop Bar is declined in various gear set up.
The frame is Alloy
Fork is Hi-ten steel 1" threaded type
3 frames sizes: 48/53/55cm
20x1-1/8 wheels
MiniVelo flat bar, same specs as the drop bar.

The MiniVeloLady
Hi-Ten Steel Frame and Fork
1" threaded fork type
1 size only 42cm

Boma from Japan (Made in Taiwan)
Alumium AL6061 T6 Alloy
One size 47,5cm (Center-Top)
Frame weight 2.12kg
Frame retail price 53,000 Japan Yen

Bonnet Noir from the same japanese company that uses Louis Garneau licence name  (Made in Taiwan)
Bonnet Noir Alize R
One size only 41cm (Center-Top)
Cromoly frame / Hi-ten fork
1 inch threaded fork
10.7kg bike
Japan Retail Price 68,250 japan yen

Bonnet Noir Alize C
1 size only 41cm (Center-Top)
Cromoly frame / Hi-ten fork
1 inch threaded fork

11.4kg bike
Japan Retail Price 50,400 Japan Yen

Bruno a popular brand in Japan, brainchild of Diatech, a japanese distributor of various brands (Made in Taiwan)

Bruno Mini Velo 20 Road
3 frame sizes 46 / 51 / 54 cm (Center-Top)
Cromoly Frame
1 inch threaded Hi-ten steel fork
Tyres size 20x1.50
Japan Retail price 67,000 Japan Yen

Bruno Road Mixte
1 frame size: 43cm (Center-Top)
Hi-ten Steel Frame
1 inch threaded Hi-ten steel fork
Japan Retail Price 52,250 Japanese Yen

To be continued soon with much more (Link will be added here) ....


  1. I really hope this trend catches on in the US, after riding Bike Friday for a while I've been delighted to have at least Mercier and Soma minivelos -- these seem like normal-sized bikes to me now, and my 700c bikes seems gigantic and ballooning!

  2. Hi there:

    We are Bannard cycles from Taiwan!!
    Many thanks for our bike display on your page,would you mind to let me know,where are you getting our information??
    That will be our honor if we can share our design for you.

    We would appreciated for your early reply.


    Sunny Lee


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