Thursday, April 26, 2012

eRockit electric bicycle that reach 80km/h

The current trend is definitively toward making electric bicycles as the popular thema is to "save the planet" with green vehicules.

 Today subject is about what is the most advanced electric bicycle in the world.

It is successfully breacking away from old "diamand type" frame with an hugly electric engine attached to it.
It is still called a bicycle because of the fact that you still need to pedal to make it move.

It is exactly what people want, a fun machine that you enjoy to ride everydays, not only for being "green" or saving money Vs using a petrol propulsed machine, it is simply a fun machine to ride.

Invented and created by Stefan Gulas form Germany.
The bike is finally entering production in 2012 and is retailing for 13.320 Euros (ok, it is not cheap, but watch videos and you'll realize, this compared to a motor bike or a car, it is reasonnable)
Top speed is 80km/h and range is 60kms.

The bike weight 123kg, which is a lot for a bicycle you might say, well, it is not a bicycle that you have to use your power directly to make it move forward.
As on a normal bicycle, you constantly need to pedal to move forward, but instead of going directly to the back wheel, the energy developped is going through an electronic system that multiply the muscle power and transfer this power to move the bike forward.

This is a real Hybrid machine!
You must pedal to make it move, that's the only action that makes it like a bicycle.
 But it well makes you like a Bionic person where your muscle power is multiplied.

It is revolution on 2 wheels.

The acceleration speed is stuning.
It goes faster that scooters at the traffic light!

Technical data of the 2012 production model
motor dc motor
torque 75 Nm
speed 73 - 81 km/h
battery lithium ion nanophosphate
capacity 3.1 kWh
reach 50 - 70 km
battery life > 2000 cycles (10 years)
charging AC 220 V (50-60 hz)
charging time 3 - 4 hours
wheelbase 1465mm
tires 18” 2.75 inches
weight 123 kg
price € 13.320,00 ex works

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