Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shimano Ultegra Bottom-Bracket SM-BB6700 HollowTech II Compatibility and Specs

Shimano Ultegra Bottom-Bracket SM-BB6700

HollowTech II Bottowm Bracket
SM-BB6700 is available in 2 threading type; English type (BSC) 68mm and Italian type (ITA) 70mm type.
95% of bicycle frames are built with 68mm BB shell, if your bike was handbuilt in Italy there is a bigger chance that it features an Italian threading. You must check with frame builder.

BB threading: JIS(68)/ITALIAN (70)mm
Chain line: 43.5mm (double)

You'll need Shimano BB tool TL-FC36 Bottom Bracket Unit Installation Tool for installation or removal.

Japan Retail price 1.978 yen (see cross rate here)

Compatible with Shimano 10 speed crankset: FC-5700, FC-5750, FC-5703, FC-6750, FC-6700, FC-6703, FC-7900, FC-7950 but also FC-7800, FC-6600, FC-6601G, FC-6650G, FC-5600, FC-5600L, FC-5650, FC-5650L, FC-R600, FC-R550, FC-7803, FC-6603, FC-6604G, FC-5603, FC-5603-L, FC-R553, FC-4500, FC-4550, FC-4550-S, FC-3450, FC-4503, FC-3403.

This is for road bike usage will also works for cyclo-cross / randonneur / touring, etc...


  1. Wha? I'm confused.
    Why does a BB have to be compatible with only specific crank sets? BB connects to the cranks, front derailleur, and chain rings, not the rear hub.


  2. It has some importance in the Chain Line (if your chainrings are too much outward or inwards you will have difficulties to adjust front derailleur, therefore the chain will always rattle or fall off a ring. Thanks

  3. It appears that this part has been discontinued by the manufacturer as of May 23, 2017.


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