Monday, November 1, 2010

Shimano 105 Bottom-Bracket SM-BB5700 HollowTech II Compatibility and Specs

Shimano 105 Bottom-Bracket SM-BB5700

HollowTech II Bottowm Bracket

SM-BB5700 is available in 2 threading type; English type (BSC) 68mm and Italian type (ITA) 70mm type.
95% of bicycle frames are built with 68mm BB shell, if your bike was handbuilt in Italy there is a bigger chance that it features an Italian threading. You must check with frame builder.
The CN-5701 is designed to works with the FC-5700 and FC-5750. If you use the FC-5703 (triple) you need to use the CN-5600 chain.
You'll need Shimano BB tool TL-FC36 Bottom Bracket Unit Installation Tool for installation or removal.

Japan Retail price 1.576 yen (see cross rate here)

Compatible with Shimano 10 speed crankset: FC-5700, FC-5750, FC-5703, FC-6750, FC-6700, FC-6703, FC-7900, FC-7950 but also FC-7800, FC-6600, FC-6601G, FC-6650G, FC-5600, FC-5600L, FC-5650, FC-5650L, FC-R600, FC-R550, FC-7803, FC-6603, FC-6604G, FC-5603, FC-5603-L, FC-R553, FC-4500, FC-4550, FC-4550-S, FC-3450, FC-4503, FC-3403.

This is for road bike usage will also works for cyclo-cross / randonneur / touring, etc...

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