Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brev.M Japan Fixies chromoly forks for fixed gear bikes

Brev.M is a japanese brand created by Azuma shokai, a Japan bicycle parts wholesaler.

Brev.M parts are aimed for fixed gear bikes.

Among the new stuff there are 2 chromoly forks made from Chromoly and for 700c wheels sized.

They both have a brake caliper hole.

They are 11/8 ahead type steerer type.

Bombardiere model arms length are 410mm and 24mm rake with a 45c tire clearance. Japan Price is 13.000 yen
Robusta model arms length are 380mm and 40mm rake with a 32c tire clearance. Japan retail price is 8.000 Japan Yen

Shimano XT Dyna-Sys 10 speed cassette CS-M771-10 Compatibility

Shimano XT 10 speed cassette is compatible with 10 speed MTB gear system and will mount on 9/10 hubs and wheelset.

Compatible with:
Compatible with: SL-M770-10R, SL-M660-10R, RD-M980, RD-M663-SGS, RD-M773, CN-HG94, CN-HG74, CN-M980 and works with all 9/10 hubs & wheels.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shimano SLX Dyna-sys 10 speed chain CN-HG74 Compatibility

New 10-speed chain optimized for MTB riding condition. Task-specific link plates optimized for front & rear shifting. Directional chain Light weight

Compatible ONLY with Shimano DYNA-SYS 10 speed MTB drivetrain (not working with 10 speed road drivetrain).
Weight: 273g (114L)
Require Shimano chain tools TL-CN23 or TL-CN27 or TL-CN32.

Japan Retail Price 2.573 yen (please check here for cross rate)

Works with CS-HG81-10, CS-M771-10, CS-M980

2 lines and 3 lines chain pins works with the 10 speed MTB chains.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shimano Dyna-Sys SLX FC-M660-10 crankset 3x 10 speed Compatibility and Specifications

Shimano Dyna-Sys SLX FC-M660-10 crankset 3x 10 speed

Designed for serious mountain bikers, the Shimano SLX group offers you a high level of performance at a price you can afford.
New Dyna-sys Shimano SLX crankset FC-M660-10
Black color rings in 64/104mm bolt circle diameter
Middle chainring has steel teeth mounted to a composite carrier, steel inner ring
22-32-44t chainrings
68/73mm Bottom Bracket Shell
904g (175mm)
To lock the crank you'll need Shimano crank-arm/cap tool TL-FC16.
To fit or remove the HollowTech II BB, you'll need Shimano Tool TL-FC32 or alternative is the 2 in 1 Park Tool Bottom Bracket Tool BBT-9C.

Japan Retail Price 14.943 yen (please check here for cross rate)

Compatible with all Shimano MTB 10 speed chain HG-X10 (Shimano MTB specific 10 speed); CN-M980, CN-HG94, CN-HG74.

Compatible with HollowTech II BB; SM-BB7900, SM-BB90, SM-BB91, SM-BB6700, SM-BB5700, SM-BB70, SM-FC7800, SM-FC4500, SM-FC6600, SM-FC6601, SM-FC5600.

Park Tool BBB-2 The Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair - 2nd Edition

Monday, September 27, 2010

Masi Speciale Fixed bikes in many colors and riser bar too!

The ever popular Masi Speciale Fixed Drop and Riser fixie are in stock in various colors.

Complete bike with Cromo frame, fixed gear, comes in 5 sizes and 4 colors;
Size 47cm / 49cm / 51cm / 53cm / 56cm
Colors: Metallic Red, Disco Black, Metallic Yellow, Shamrock Green

Masi Speciale Fixed Riser come in Molteni Orange only;
Size are 47cm, 49cm, 51cm, 53cm, 56cm
Retail price 900 USD

Shimano SLX shifters 10speed Dyna-Sys SL-M660-10R

SLX is Shimano's mid-range MTB group designed specifically for off-road riding. The distinct range of options within SLX allow you to tailor your components to your preferred off-road style, from XC through to All-Mountain.

SL-M660-10/R RAPIDFIRE PLUS shifter
Two Way Release, Multi Release
Removable Optical Gear Display
Right shifter weight: 134g / Left shifter weight: 122g

Japan Retail Price (pair) 6.392 or Right Shifter only is 3.268 yen (please check here for cross rate)

Compatible wit: RD-M663, RD-M773, CS-M7710-10R, CS-HG81-10R, CN-HG94, CN-HG74.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shimano SLX Dyna-sys Shadow RD-M663-SGS 10 speed MTB rear derailleur long cage

The Shimano RD-M663-SGS is Shimano SLX 10 speed compatible rear derailleur with a long cage.
It is to be mounted on MTB type, it is not compatible with Road 10 speed shifting system.
Long cage means it will work with 11 minimum rear small cog and 36teeths at largest rear cog.
Overall capacity is 43 teeths.

It will work with other Shimano 10 speed Dyna-Sys group and parts.

Weight is 275g

Compatible with: SL-M770-10R, SL-M660-10R, CS-M771-10, CS-HG81-10, CN-HG94, CN-HG74, works with all 9/10 hubs & wheels.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shimano SLX CS-HG81-10 dyna-sys 10 speed mtb cassette comptability

Shimano SLX CS-HG81-10 cassette Dyna-Sys 10 speed for MTB.

10 speed compatible (HG-X10 type, not road type!)
Available in 11-34 and 11-36 combination
11-34 weight 351g
11-36 weight 369g

Japan Retail Price 4.959 yen (please check here for cross rate)

Compatible with: SL-M980, SL-M980-I, SL-M770-10R, SL-M660-10R, CS-M771-10, RD-M663-SGS, RD-M773.

Compatible with Dyna-Sys 10 speed chain: CN-HG94, CN-HG74, CN-M980

Compatible with all Shimano splined 8/9/10 cassette body.
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