Monday, July 26, 2010

Kashimax Aero now in BLACK ! Yes, finally

After several years of request, Kashimax finally produced the famous Aero saddle in Black color.
Yeah! And we got the first batch today ready to roll out.

Check our listing here, we sell them for 45 USD

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Shimano Dura Ace 2011 pedals PD-7900 carbon

As seen on the Tour de France 2010, the new Shimano Dura Ace PD-7900 pedals are hitting the market.
They have a new carbon body and weight 30g lighter than the original PD-7800, the new pair of pedals weight 248g.
The body is made of injected molded carbon fiber and the axle and 3 bearings are contained into an aluminium sleeve bonded in the pedals body.

Each pedals turns around 3 set of bearings for better axle support and smooth rotation regardless of pressure loads.

We pre-ordered 50 pairs of PD-7900 and will be able to ship them in September 2010 on a first ordered first delivered basis.
Our Members get the pedals for 195.80 USD + shipping
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